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VIBRA Screening buckets
2 - year warranty on buckets

All MultaVEX screening buckets have a 2 year warranty starting from the date of purchase. By registering your MultaVEX Vibra screening bucket within 30 days from purchase you will obtain an additional one year warranty.

Warranty certificates are machine and customer dependent; each bucket must be registered separately.

Registration and additional warranty cannot be transferred to another person or company.

If a problem occurs with a MultaVEX screening bucket included in these warranty terms and the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect material or by workmanship; MultaVEX will repair your bucket free of charge in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions stated in the Generic Warranty Manual. To keep your bucket warranty valid the bucket needs to be used, maintained and operated in compliance with MultaVEX safety and operating instructions.

To submit a warranty repair claim, contact your MultaVEX dealer or your local MultaVEX customer support.

Buckets returned for warranty repair must be accompanied by valid purchase receipt or invoice. For repairs during the additional warranty period the bucket must be accompanied by a valid receipt or invoice and a valid certificate for extended warranty. Otherwise warranty will not be valid.

A warranty claim must be submitted with as short delay as possible. A warranty claim must be submitted within the warranty period.

The information you provide on the registration form will be saved in the MultaVEX customer register. This information will be used for customer services, marketing communications and technical support. MultaVEX reserves the right to contact the customer either directly or via a company acting as a distributor for MultaVEX, for example, to solve any problems with the equipment, for advance notice regarding technical issues, and to announce product updates as well as for marketing purposes. Registration gives MultaVEX Oy (Ltd) the right to store and use registration details.

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